Lieutenant Bowers, Henry Robertson

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Born at Greencock. Known as 'Birdie' on account of his beak-like nose, he was describedby Captain Scott as "the hardiest traveller that ever undertook a polar journey". Entered as a cadet in HMS Worcester. Listed as a Midshipman, Royal Naval Reserve, having served his indentures aboard a sailing barque to Australia. In 1905 he was appointed Sub-Lieutenant in the Royal Indian Marine serving in Burma and Ceylon. He took a keen interest in polar research, especially Scott's Discovery Expedition and Shackleton's voyage in Nimrod and was eventually introduced to Sir Clements Markham, President of the Royal Geographical Society, who introduced him to Scott while the latter was preparing for his second expedition. In March 1910 Scott telegraphed him offering a place on the expedition as a storekeeper. Initially he was a ship's officer only, but before Terra Nova had left New Zealand, Scott was so impressed with his organisational ability, that he decided to keep him with the shore party. He died on the return journey from the South Pole.

Silver Polar Medal: Antarctic 1910-13
Expedition: British Antarctic Expedition 1910-13*

* N. Poulsom and J Myers, British Polar Exploration and Research: A Historical and Medallic Record with Biographies 1818-1999, London, Savannah, 2000, p476.


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