Dr Wilson, Edward Adrian

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Son of Dr Edward Wilson of Westall, Cheltenham. Born at Cheltenham and educated at Cheltenham College. Took his medical degree at Cambridge. In additon to being a Doctor of Medicine he was also a well-known naturalist, and one of the most eminent Polar naturalists of his day. Between the Discovery and Terra Nova Expeditions he was engaged on the Grousse Commission, investigating the disease which was rapidly devastating the game. He was a very talented artist and recorded many Antarctic scenes, as well as the natural fauna. He died with Scott returning from the South Pole.

Polar Medals
Silver: Antarctica 1902-04, Antarctica 1910-13.

Expeditions: British Antarctic Expedition 1902-04, British Antarctic Expedition 1910-13. *

* N. Poulsom and J. Myers, British Polar Exploration and Research: A Historical and Medallic Record with Biographies, 1818-1999, p.659.


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