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George Ranald Macdonald
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One record, handwritten in ink on rectangular card, with biographical information for John Thomas Peacock. Written by George Ranald Macdonald for the Macdonald Dictionary of Canterbury Biography project, 1952-1964.
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Marks/Inscriptions: 234 Peacock, John Thomas (1827 -1905) was born in N.S.W. the eldest son of John Jenkins Peacock of Haw Rebury and was educ at Sydney Coll. but had to leave school early to help his father through a crisis in his shipping business. He mace his first voyage across the Tas man at the age of 15. In '4 his father bought the brig Guide , formerly a Calcutta pilot boat. After calling at Port Nicholson , she sailed round both Islands calling at ary likely port of inlet; aming these were Kaikoura Akaroa , Lite Dr Cooper Ikoraki, Port Chal , Bluff and Stewart Is. At Kawhia she made a large purchas of pigs which were later sold at Auck. ; cattle were bought at. H ok ange and sold at Auck. She returned to Sydney after a voyage of a year, with A Cargo spas. He knew nothing of Kauri gun ab this time , out later he go of picked up 100 tous and did well out of it After 12 years of Coastal trailing he married in Sydney in 54 and came to Wellington 6 to start in bus ines . However the earthquake of 55 caused him to change his poland and he moved to Lylt. His parents had now settled in Canty . Peacock got the Peacock Wharf Ordnance passed in May 57 which laid down conditions for the building of a wharf and jetty Peacock sold the wharf and good will and the Scholefield i ; Acland; fam. inf. ; Cyclop N.Z. 11 LT. 8.10.84 P.21.10.05 : 7.8.30; Type of mark: Machine translation/Transcription; Notes: Machine translation by Mark Fryer
Marks/Inscriptions: J.T. Peacock. 2 P. 234 flet of trading vessels to 6 C.W. Turner and Beverley Buchanan who after a few years were bankrupt. Peter Cunningham then became the owner. In the early 50's Peacock was in Lyt m one of his fathers ships and went to a dance in the Colonists Hall and had for a partner in a quad gille , Mrs Cookson . He did not know anyone for a pair to daura op posit to him. Longden came ip to the set and looked at Peacock contemptuous ou sly and turned away After the dance, Longden, A a dye man , was helping the ladyship on with their cloaks . Peacock walked up to him and pulled his nose, as he said. for the o front to his partner Longden brought an action for ass ault . J.J. Peacoc left Lylt and gave his son a £eSte to pay any damages, J.T.F. was fined f and said it had been well wor th the money . He was elected to the Prov. Coun in '61 and represented Lylt. till '66 In 68 he was returned for Papanui and held that scat until the abolition f the Pi vince. He was an original director f the Canty. Steam Narration or of ( Co. In 58 Mallin son , the architect drew plans for an extension of the Wharf by 100 ft. and Muon thie carp . built a new bonded warehouse for Peacock. When the Chambr of Comm. was founded in Lylt in 59 he was elected to; Type of mark: Machine translation/Transcription; Notes: Machine translation by Mark Fryer
Marks/Inscriptions: F. 234 J.T. Peacock He was chairm an of a comm. formed to organise thi rebuilding of the Wesle yan Church in a better situati on. In Jan 62 Mrs Peacock laid the foundation stone of the hew Wesley an church in Lylt ; the Revs E.L. Vickers W. Rouse and J. Buller were all there. He made top score for No4 Coy. C.V.R. in a target mach at Sum ner May 61. He was one of a dep tatin which waited on the supt. with reference to Muni al Connal for Lylt , and when the poll was held in Feb. he was elected a council6or. In 63 he built a fine house in St. Albans which he called Hawkesbury; t was leased to R.H. Rh odes when Elin.Wood l was beng built. In 68 he was a mem ber of Kauights ex cant ive and 5' was in sir f. Can oft Wilson executive. As sec. for works he had control of the Cyt Harbor improvement Works. In 68 he was elected to Part for Lylt . and was re-elected in 71 He resigned in '73 to accept a seat in the Leg. Coun. In 571 Peacock with H.R. Webb and others went to the Turo gold diggings They did well until , taking the gold out to be sold , was robed by bush.ranges. He had a cutter called Iris which he sailed to Fiji where he entertained mem bes of the expedition sent out to search for Sir John Frankly. He went for a trip to Eng. in 66; aing his fellow passengers was Arthur Horton : 12.12.57. 31.7.58 : 20.8 : 30.5.60 : 2.1.61 : 4.5.61 : 10.7.61 : 5.2.62 : the Tic borne Claimant; Type of mark: Machine translation/Transcription; Notes: Machine translation by Mark Fryer
Marks/Inscriptions: J.T. Peacock 4 P. 234 and was chairman Feb. 70 He was elected to the Council of the Acclimatis aton Soc May 68, . He was chairman of the Avon Rd. Bd June 68. As senior steward of the Metho dist church in St Albans he lard the foundati on stone of the new Methodist Church Oct. 68. In 69 Wy in Williams started the fir st garden com petition with a prize of £5. It was divided between Peacock ) Rev. J.O '13. Hoare In the garden com petition of 70 ho was placed First. He w on a first prize with his well kn own cow Belle at the Ch.Ch Show of 70. In '68 Peacock End Garrick took over as mortgages Wai. Iti on the Waimak and Peacock bought out Grids share in '70 . Much of thes was beautiful rich silt farming land. He had 3000 sheep ruining on 2300 acres In the harvest 2 he had between 700 and 500 ac of crop at Wai iti He was an original shareholder + mem be of the Canty. Club June 72 and for years was Pres. He had a good herd of Shorthorns and a famous bull called Count f Oxford . He won pries for cattle in the Ch.Ch Show of '7- He was elected to the Avon Rd. Bd Jan 7 ; there had ben muck criticism o the td during '72. He was an origin al director of the N.Z. Shipping C Jan. 73, However at an extraordinary general meeting of shareholders in 82 LT. 30.5.68 : : 17.10.68 : 3.11.6 8 : 5.11.68 : 27.3.69 : 5.C6.69 :10.2.70 : 5.3.70 : 6.5.70 10.11.70 : 8.1.72- : 22.6.72 : 111.72 : 4.1.73 : 25.1.73 : 5.4.73 :; Type of mark: Machine translation/Transcription; Notes: Machine translation by Mark Fryer
Marks/Inscriptions: P. 234 t was proposed and carried to increase the capital of the Coy to £ 1000 000 The chair man J.L. Coster said they had in mand the necessity op chang ing over to steam, increasing their flet and putting in refuge rating machinery (free zing was just starting) . Peccooh sard he was convinced Steam Wouldnt pay , and resigned his seat on the Board , The compen had lost marcy in charters of steam ships ; but with os mail contract in view it was ob ions that steam m ust Come. Wm . Reeves ag reed with him and also resigned. He was elected to the St. Alban, Sch. Comm. Oct. 73. Ip is notable that a busy and worldly and wealthy man paid great attention to his school comm. duties. white he was sec. for works the dredge Erskine was brought out and the dredging gear as sem bled in Lylt. The first trial was held .8.76 and was completely successful When the Canty Sp inning, Weaving and Fibre Co - later tobe known as the Kaiapoi Woolden Co - was doing no god and it was decided to put up the assets for sail sale , Peacock was the buy ar with a brd of £7000 Jenkins eundertadttor, Hen a builder, and a former owner of the property, was the under bidder . He carried on the bus ness and LT. 14.10.73 : 11.4.74 : 4.8.75 : 20.7.77 : 30.8.77 :; Type of mark: Machine translation/Transcription; Notes: Machine translation by Mark Fryer
Marks/Inscriptions: P. 234 J.T. Peacock and actually made a profit of z200 in a short time. He said it was for sale for f (15000 and 14 Kaiapoi i capitalists put in £1000 each which with his own c 1000 made his price and started the company off. The first pice of tweed made in Kaiapoi was for sale in J.W Black wells shops sept. 78 But at the next annual in retur he told the Board they were going tow fast. He was evidently getting rich and cautions. He was chair man of the hiion Insurance Co fr or 77 till it was absorbed by Allian ce of on don, when he became a member of the local board. He was a member of the Lylt. Harb. Bd for years and was elected chairman r Feb. 84. He was the first Mayor of St. Albans Boucher De.81. He had been in the Comm. of the Canty A. + b. assoc. for some years and was Pres. Mar. 85 ; this was the year in Which Twigger offer of 30 ac. o the Lincoln Rd. was made and acc ppe cd. He was a director of the Ch.Ch. heat Co. a large shareholder on th Ch.Ch . Train way Co , a director of the Lylt. Gas Co. a promoter and director of the Lylt. Gas. Coy. promote and director of the Permanent. Investment+ + Loan Assoc. , a director of the ch. Ch. Press Co ( from ' 90) . He was a governor of Car ty Col 88- ; a member of the Methodist congregation of Ch.Ch. LT. 10.7.78 : 27.7.78 : 10.9.78 1 20.1.81 : 23.12 : 1.3.82 : 24.5.82 : 27.2.84 : 24.4.84; Type of mark: Machine translation/Transcription; Notes: Machine translation by Mark Fryer
Marks/Inscriptions: J.T. Peacock. P. 234 a church property, truste and a liberal contributor to the building fund. He presented the land in St. Albans on which the church wes built. He entertained on a lavish scale at How ks bury and usually gave 2 large garden parties each year. When he and his wife were living in Sydney they adopted a baby girl whose father was a Spanish or Italian sailing and whose mother w as a man d at Mrs Hick mans home ( in other of Mrs J.T.P). She was christened Janey and became part of the establishment. She married Alexander Macrae of Hokitika and J.T.F built them a house in Browns Road; there were two sons John Alexander + William Mansfield Hawkesbury Macrae turned to be a very bad husband and Janey droned him Peacocks wife deed on 94 and to the honor of the family he marrie d Janey in 95. Her 2 son added Maerae Peacock to their name , making them Mowat - Peacock ; they were no great credit to the name. As Peacock adopted them presumably they got a large share of his considerable estate When Peacock gave financial supper t to the wes byars church, in St Albans he had two high walled pews bilt for the Peacock and the Garrick families and he also had a family vault built under the church .Later. it is not known why the bodies were transferred from this vault to the Wesleyan; Type of mark: Machine translation/Transcription; Notes: Machine translation by Mark Fryer
Marks/Inscriptions: 234 J.T. Peacock part o y Barbadoes St. Cem. Finally these was a vault buitre in Linwood Cem. In 65 Peacock was the owner of Merv ale and he cut it up into villa sites. and reserved V6 ac for C. of E. Church . The Govt. refused a grant for a church and the residents decided to raise the money . A small stone church was built there with 150 settings . The architect was Speech ley; thirs was generous of Peacock - e he had nop interest in the church of Eng. marr. in 54 Kate mansfield Hickin an ; her father was a Lindon solicitor She d. at Hawkesbury St. Albans 20 .8.94 ag 54 In her young days in Lylt she took part in charitable objected , she was Vice Pres of the St. Johns Ambulance Soc. and was active in musical Soc.s. He d. at Howes bury 20.10.05 ag 77 marr. Janey 30.12.95 . she had marr. A. Macrae 14.6.77 Peacocks estate was proved at £110659. LT. 9.11.65 : 21.8.94 : 7.17.95 : 19.12.98; Type of mark: Machine translation/Transcription; Notes: Machine translation by Mark Fryer
Marks/Inscriptions: P. 234 J.T. Peacock 9. LT. 4.1.6 Crosbie ward on J.T.F. in Prov. Coun. you may examine his sallow face , grey ayes , and sharp features, but y on Would not read in them the S9 sagan4y hat marks J.T.P. the member for Lylt. A shrewd man is he buitre not com posed of the stuff of which senators are made. .He has a keen business mind , bul imo ent of great ideas and i com peten t to grasp a poh cy. When he steals it is in a dis ag real tone and with a somer hat flippant manner. He has been attentio to his duties and has now and then thrown ut - some useful sugg est ions. and being but a young member and a young man , there is plenty O Pine for m. prove ment both in his style and understanding Canty. Puch , Songs before Sessi on John t eeoc i coming On ' Dear Oh1D car John Per cock is coining Ah. 1 Wear. So bash f ally shrewd And so pleas and ly unide His speeches arc sh ort but the 1e quien.; Type of mark: Machine translation/Transcription; Notes: Machine translation by Mark Fryer




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