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George Ranald Macdonald
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One record, handwritten in ink on rectangular card, with biographical information for Robert Bateman Paul. Written by George Ranald Macdonald for the Macdonald Dictionary of Canterbury Biography project, 1952-1964.
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Marks/Inscriptions: 1. P. 200 Rev. Paul, Robert Bateman (1788-1877) was a son of Richard Paul, Rector and of Frances dau of Rev. D. Bae man of Maw gan in Pyd ar, Cornwall, and e0as educ. Truro Grammar School and Exeter College , Oxford . He was elected a Fellow of Exeter in 1817 and graduated B.of in 1820 and M.R in '22. He was ordained and appointed curate of Probes , Cornwall . In 1825 he was appointed Bursar + Tutor at Exeter College. He was success ely amate of Little Witten ham , Berks ('25) of Ll ant wit Maj or ('29) of St. Johns, Kentish town ( 145) and of St. August nes Bristol ( . He came out in the Midloth ian of which he was chaplain arriving 8.10.51 with his wife . He was appointed on of the com miss anis for Bishop Selwyn (51-5 . He took part in the establishment of X's Coll which was elected a Fellow in 55. He was gazetted in spector of Schools r Canty. in 55 . He read prayers at the of the first Provincial Cowie in In that year he was appointed Archdeacon of Waimea and went to live in Nelson, living for some years in Brook Valley without a parish. He was chosen for the pastoral charge of Wgtn and represented Nelson, Wgtn and Canty t the Conference of 57 when the Constituti on for the Church in N.Z. was drawn up. While in Canty he made his home in the Heathcote Valley Scholefield i : Charles Godly Letter : Wigram : LT. 11.2.60 . 4.2.60 Gardner, Amuri; Type of mark: Machine translation/Transcription; Notes: Machine translation by Mark Fryer
Marks/Inscriptions: Arch. R.B. Paul P 200 and called it Caster ton ; he also had a frame house in Cashel St. near Dug ans . He was a large investor in Canty land and his 9 sections amounted to 500 ac . They were selected at various points on the Peninsular 200 ac at Heathcote, 150 in Lylt. Harbour and the others at Mt Pleasant and Long Bay He show a brood mare at the stock show in Market Place in and 2 second prize He had the first grazing license for London , then in Nelson and had 200 sheep on . 54 and g in 55. C.J. Lee, his son-in - law who had the past rage license for the norther part f Leslie Hills, next door , probably kept an eye on it F him. Mt Paul was named after him. He sold it to John This line in Nov. 59. He conducted a service at Mt Parnassus in Feb. 57. E.J. Lee courted Harriet Paul Mrs Paul did not like the life at. Nelson , she was then a middle. aged Woman . According to Sewell, Paul made strong but umar ailing efforts to be appointed Bishop o f Canty. When he returned to Nelson he spent some of his time tutoring young men who were preparing for an English hi ver silty. He returned to Ch.Ch from Nelson and he and his wife and 1 dau.; Type of mark: Machine translation/Transcription; Notes: Machine translation by Mark Fryer
Marks/Inscriptions: F. 200 sailed for England in the Mermaid 3.2.60. Addresse were ent to him in a bore made of N.Z. Woo d. Charlotte Godley said of him. ' one of oun intended Canons , and a great addition to the settlement , though we did not think much of him at first." He gave an addres on the history+ the R.corina tion in Lylt. He published '"some Account of the Canty Settlemen t ('54) and "Letters from Canty. (57) N.Z. as it was and 1s ('61). He became Rector of St Marys Stamford in '64 and a canon of Lincoln in '67. Other publications; Ellice of Aristotle ('9) Rhetoric (30) history Germany br young people ('47) editions of Sophocles and translations from the German , a novel in 2 vols, Anto biography of a Cornish Rector marr. 1827 Rosa Mira dau of Rev. Richard Twopenny : she d. 4.10.82 ag He d. 6.6.77. family. Harriett marr. 6.9.53 Edward James 9 son of William Lee She was boring Glan organ South Wales 31.7.31 Bealey Samuel Rose Anne marr. 3.11.52 at St. Michaels , Rev. O. Mathias, : she d. in Eng 5.12.01 ag 6 Margaret marr. 3.7.51 at St. Peters Wgtn Rev. Robt Cole , George Hunter ' 8 she lived at Stonelyuch Richmond, Surrey + d. 5.2.99. name of her husb given in M.R. George Hunter , elsewhere as Geor Cayley of Stamford 0) ry d. Lehane Adnan Fanny d 4.2.99 in unpred H Frederick; Type of mark: Machine translation/Transcription; Notes: Machine translation by Mark Fryer




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