Macdonald Dictionary Record: William John Warburton Hamilton

George Ranald Macdonald
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One record, handwritten in ink on rectangular card, with biographical information for William John Warburton Hamilton. Written by George Ranald Macdonald for the Macdonald Dictionary of Canterbury Biography project, 1952-1964.
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Marks/Inscriptions: H. 90 Hamilton, William John Warburton (1825- was born 25 ap. ' 5 at Little Chart Rectory, Kent. the eldest son of Rev. John Kesey Hamilton , and was educ. at Harrowing Brussels and Paris . at the age of 18 he left for Sydney in the Bangalore with £50 in his pocket - all he Ever received from his father. Capt. Fitzroy was a passenger, proceeding to N.Z. to take up the appointment of Governor. The Waiau massacre had joust taken place. His private sec. having to resign of eh health on account Fitzroy offered the pist to Hamilton, who accepted it, During his time as sec. to Fitz ro , he was present at many historic interviews - with Tamati Walker, Te where Where , Te Puni, e RamaraMa and others, He experienced the times when Hek was out and Korora kaka taken.. Fitzroy was a master exacting and nervous , ill fitted to dede with these difficult times and Hamilton had to bear the brunt o f des patch. wit writing. "He had to submit to the freaks of mart net ship aggravated by farlie of health and farlie of policy. No word of this ever escaped Hamiltons lips. of h Loyalties to his chiefs ands friends was a cardinal point in his character Lylt. Thes ob et. 7.12.83) When Fitzroy was recalled late in '45 Hamilton continued for a while under Sir Geo. Grey and then returned to England in 146 in the David Malcolm. Scholefield 1; Cox : LT. 26.6. 53 : 11.84 : 13.12.17 : P. 26.4.30 : St. Michaels M.R.: Sew ells Journal. Haast: L. T.; Type of mark: Machine translation/Transcription; Notes: Machine translation by Mark Fryer
Marks/Inscriptions: W.J.W.Hamilton H.90 He came ont again s as a survey officer in H.M.S. Acheron in '48.: their surveys were embodied in the first No. New Zealand Pilot : Charlotte Godley approved of him. "Indeed they seemed a very unce set on board , including a Mr Hamilton , who is, I believe , the trang ts man . and again, "a very ince Mr Hamilton " The Godless put him up f or a time when he first came to Lylt. as Customs officer and Sub. Treasurer. Where the Acheron was in F0eau. Straits e explored to the westward as far as Mt. Hamilton ; he explored the Aparima to the neighbourhood of Otautau and with Capt. Stokes ascended the Oreti and the Maka rewa in a jolly boat. In 4.5.50 he sep out with Lieut. Spencer and made the first overland journey from Invercargill to founding In 49. 50 he thoroughly examined lo thrush ly eo o the coast Chine from Banks ar. to Cape Campbell. sailing down the coast in a whale bout. He climbed Ht Grey and made a plan of the country to be seen from its sominit. He could see the open grass country up the Hurunui and Waian Rivers and they were referred to as the Hamilton Plans for a short time. In 1 Gog Aug. '50 he was appointed R.M. at Wanganui on a salary of £100 per amue , Dining his 3 years there he gained a valuable knowledge of the Maoris and their language which was to cows be very Charlotte Godley :; Type of mark: Machine translation/Transcription; Notes: Machine translation by Mark Fryer
Marks/Inscriptions: e J.W.Hamurana H. 90 valuable to him later. He journeyed deep into the Maori country and his qualities of courage and firmness and his high sense of dirty stood hi in good stead. The Maoris loved and respected him and mover forgot him. " hen he left the district in 153 it was the most orderly in the country . He did not acquire an acc for him self during this time. Major kemp was one of his policemen. In '58 he was appointed customs House officer and sub. treasurer, and took a house which Marshman had just built as a speculation at £50 a year. He represented Lylt. in the first Prov. Coun. and was the first Prov. Auditor. Sewell , when he came out in that year approved of him highly; " he has all the brains f the Govt. at present and is the sole authority on finance " In bo9c. '56 he completed the purchase by the Crown of the Maori lands of Banks Pen. and made three nal ive reserves of 400 ac. each - at Dunkin, Wainui and Waireia. He was a lay member of the Pov. Synod in '59 and of the General Synod of 61. 63 . He nas appointed R.M. for Canty in '56. He was not considered a great success as a magistrate . E.J.Burke says "a crotchety official - a wear some magistrate (bot) a man of fine character , liked by his own set (to which LT. 3.8.59 : Dec. 56 :; Type of mark: Machine translation/Transcription; Notes: Machine translation by Mark Fryer
Marks/Inscriptions: A. 90 W.fes. Hamilto 4 E.J. Burke evidently did not belong J. C.C. Bowen said his great fault as an official was his obstructive ness He was against the practice of grid nomine on the grounds that it shit ont the small man from the chance of selecting land for farm settlement. After serving in the Customs Dept. for many years , and also as sub. treasurer in Lylt. he suggested that the posts of sut treasurer on Lylt. and Ch.Ch. should be joined and separated from the Customs . This was done and the N.Z. Govt. gave him his choice of posts and he chose the sub. treasures hip and left the Customs; he was also appointed Receivable of Land Revenue. when Johere Marshman resigned in '76. When he left the Customs in Lylt. he was presented with an address by A. Rose the senor officer signed by 3 3 members of the staff He also became a Waste hands Commissioner . In Ap. 67 he was app td. a member of the Coil service Commission. He was an ouginal member of the Bd. of Gov. of the Canty Collegiate hinson and became, in turns, a Governor of Canty Coll. June 75. He was super anus led in June 76: he was also a Governor of Christ s Coll. He took a notable part in early Canty concerts and was deeply interested in music and scene and was, in general a highly cultured man. His conscientiousness and thoroughness were almost mandible. He was generous LT. Wc. 56 : 23.11.61 : 20.6.66 : 10.7.66 : 25.7.66 : 1.5.67 : 20.7.72 : 16.7.75 : 8.6.76 : 5.8. 76 :7.10. 76 :; Type of mark: Machine translation/Transcription; Notes: Machine translation by Mark Fryer
Marks/Inscriptions: W.J.W.Hamilto H.90 His principles d conduct were s0 high as to be barely understandable by mer of common clay . He had a strong will and a clear, far seeing mind. There are many letters firm him to Selfe in the Hocken Library. They an as critical of his fellow men as all the other letters and he was not mamie from the violets prejudices of the times on questions of class and against i was at Himes vitter. Scotch men and Australians When he heard that Godley had left L 1000 in his will he was pleased, flattered and surprised . Godly had left him his power of attorney to deal with his N.Z. property. Hamilton had nothing hit his salary and was a poor man . He wrote to Selfe abut a wealthy German Baron de pith who was thinking of settling in Canty . He thought Bracefield would just suit him. "Let is land this fine German trout + Nothing came of He had a share in the Lylt. Times and took an active part in the management of the paper. When he died the hew Cathedral bells rainy these first unn fled peal. The coffin was carried by relays of Lylt. Times men 7o hins all the way fr om the house at Latiuner Sq. to Barbadoes St. Cemetery. The pall bearers were H. J. Tancred, C.C. Bowen , T.W. Mande . R.J.S. Harman, Rev. Croasdale Bowen and W ill am Reeves. Judge Gresson and Dr Donald; Type of mark: Machine translation/Transcription; Notes: Machine translation by Mark Fryer
Marks/Inscriptions: H. 90 W.J.W. Hamilton 6 Among the mourners were the I form of X's Coll. , and numerous members of the Synod, X's Coll. Bd. and Canty Coll. Bd. Bishop Harper read the service. He d. 6.12.83 ag. 58. marr. 6.11.55 Frances eldest dau. of James Townsend. She d. 20.12.89 ag. 69. His home for many years was Dampens Bay. all his family were born there. E.I. Burke describes hiss as " with his tall , hollow. looking body , and clean shaven face, shrewd rather cynical manner." His brother, Se Richard Vessey Hamilton d. Eng. sept. 1912 ag. 8 family. Edward Voy educ X's Coll 6.-76 : Editor Canty. Times d. 23.3.91 q.v. Richard Malone 69-78 A. R.1.B.1: P.W.D. Perth d. 24.8.36 q.v. Frances Alicia marr. 12.11.87 Frank Nelson Robinson q.v. Frederick James educ. X's Coll 75-84 , live dat Sumner marr. 27.12.93 Ethel 2' dau. W. Upton Slack of S. Canty. Charles Henry educ. X's Coll. 7 5 and 78 -84 : outstanding athlete. d. 5.6.28 q.v. William Crosbi : Capt. Xv: M.B + C.M. Edinburgh : House surgeon, Plymouth Hosp : Capt. R.I.M.C 1914 War : practised Plymouth d. Eng. 29.1.43. X's Coll. Sch. heist.: LT. 30.12.93 : 22.6.05: St. Michaels M.R.; Type of mark: Machine translation/Transcription; Notes: Machine translation by Mark Fryer




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