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George Ranald Macdonald
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One record, handwritten in ink on rectangular card, with biographical information for Henry Joseph Hall. Written by George Ranald Macdonald for the Macdonald Dictionary of Canterbury Biography project, 1952-1964.
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Marks/Inscriptions: H. 38 Hell, Henry Joseph (1837 -97) was born and came out with his wife in '59 to Auckland and came on to Canterbury not lang after. He was born in Co Antrim but spent some time in Gurney ; his cousin John Dildo th came out with him. He went in to the grocery business in Ch.Ch and bought leased part of T.S. 871 + 873 from Creyke . He had bo feet frontage and his land was 100 feet deep with a right of way through to Lichfield St. Period of Cease was 9g9 years , the rent was £1085 and the date was 8.9.63. He had to put up 2 +alie building to the Value of £400. on 7.2.66 he assigned his interest in the lease to Wm. Kentish McLean q.v. and Richard Thos. Stanley q.v subject to a sub lease to Cm Gavin. The consideration ass was E300. In 7.8.65 he bought J. Lot 4 part of T.S. 838 in High St. Eas t side. This had been John Broughton s land which he had sold for a nominal Sum to the Wesleyan Church . It is always said that his pin chave - for E 1330 included the original wesleyan Church but the Land office records make it clear that Halls purchase included the school soon and other bur dings. Lot 2, purchased by Edward Chap man of Acton had the church on it. He had a store and the steam affe mills as well on his High St. section He Cult a fine house on the core of Riccarton Rd and Mandeville St Acland : Mums matisse ) (+s. Office, Deeds: L.J. 25.8.66 : 28.6.97.; Type of mark: Machine translation/Transcription; Notes: Machine translation by Mark Fryer
Marks/Inscriptions: H. 38 which was later built bought by George Hampton Rhodes of Claremont theyre and inherited by his son John Heaton Rhodes who died. in 1960. The hou se was built on a hillock which , k it has been stated, was once a Maori burial ground. It has also been said that Wm. Smart of the Randolph who died in July 53 was buried There, bat the records show that he wers burned in Barbadoes St. Cem. In Aug. 66 he was advertis 8 arte an wiles sunk - a flow of water guaranteed . He was one of those who issued token money. A.J. Raphael , to test the law, brought an action against him after he had refused to redem except at old copper value. C.C. Bowen gave a L o.'590ac. verdict again st Hall. He had bought a farm in the Leeston area which he called Budding s Brook. He was bankrupt in Feb. 67 ; his assets were 13250 and his liabilities £17076 . He made an offer of i5t in the £ to his creditors which was accepted. He sold his Riccarton Farm an d stock an d his shop in Cashel St. was advertised for sale . He had made over lis High St. property to his wife 16.12.65. In May 67 Charles Louisson bought, his good will stock and book debts , but Hanmer and Harper in media aly advertised warning to anyone against dealing with him . Actually Hall continued to manage the shop for Louisson LT. 25.8.66 : 4.10.66 : 9.2.67 : 10.1.70; Type of mark: Machine translation/Transcription; Notes: Machine translation by Mark Fryer
Marks/Inscriptions: H. 38 There was no mention of his Leeston farm being included aing his assets and it appeared that he managed to keep it. He did very well out of his farm and mist have had some knowledge of farming. He was elected o a member of the Ellesmere Farmers Club Jan. 70. He was one of the buyers of the first long woledge sheep imported into Canty. They came from Black wall and Field Bros oss of Tasmania and all the four purchasers did extremely well wilh them. The other thre were John Grigg. Joseph Haydon and Joseph Richards Hall war first and second prizes for Lincolns in the Ch.Ch. Show of 71 beating P.C. Threlkeld - a difficult man to beat. He shipped from Eng. the wining ram from the best English Shows; E.C. Minchin bought it for him. He won a first prize for a Shorthorn heifer at the Ch.Ch. Show of '73. He was the principal Winer of Leicester prizes at the Ellesmere show of '73 - now permanente held at Leeston. He also wo umere s cattle prizes. He was elected to the Riccarton Rd. Bd Jan .74. He had apparently got back his Riccarton Rd property. He soon after became chair man of the Riccarton Rd. Bil , rae Durey resig ned, He won all the prises for Lincoln sheep at the Ellesmere Show of '74 and there Shorthorn prizes as well. In 75 he won all Lincoln class and two Shorthorn dasses. He gave £20 to the Ellesmere A. +P. Assoc. to help pay of their mortgage. LT. 28.1.7 : 10.11.71 : 9.11.72 : 26.12.72 : 14.1.73 : 28.11.73 : 7.1.74 : 7.2.74 : 25.9.74 : 30.10.74 5.1.76 : 1.5.76.; Type of mark: Machine translation/Transcription; Notes: Machine translation by Mark Fryer
Marks/Inscriptions: H.38 H.J. Hall He was very fond of growing fruit trees. He fenced of all the corners f his paddocks on his farm and planted them with fruit trees . He used to sell his fruit to Munnings q.v. the well known jaine + maker. When he moved to Motunau he again grw frut trees there. When Charles Wood of Sur numbe got married , Hall gave him 100 well grown fruit trees as a wedding present and they were much appreciated. He was a member of the first Drainage Bd. , representing the Rear ton dist. Nov. 75 In Ap. 81 he bought Motu nan station from the B.N.Z. John Holmes had branded it over to the Bank when he came from Canada after his brother George 's death. It included 14181 ac. freehold and 4100 ac. leasehold, 19000 sheep and 5 catlett , 2 large boats and all buildings. He was elected a member of the War para Rd Bd. July '8 . A man of the same name was elected to the St. Albans Leic. Comm. Feb. 84 it seems unlikely to be hum. In the great worth Canty. Fire of Mar 86 which started at Hawarden and and swept across to the sa , he lost 3000 sheep. He had just been re-Elected Chairman of the Ricc. Rd. Bd. when he dred of a paralytic stroke ; he was driving home at the time. He been chairman continually of the Chas. Wood Reminis LT. 5.11.75 : 25.4.81 : 21 .4.81 : 24.10.81 : 2 : 23.2.84; Type of mark: Machine translation/Transcription; Notes: Machine translation by Mark Fryer
Marks/Inscriptions: H. 38 Ricc. Rd. Bd. and the Rc. Leic Comm. His farm, Birdlings Brook of 590 ac. sold very well. A. McLachlan bought the homestead block at £33 per ac. most of the others brought £ 30 or over. E.M. Lovell - Smith described him as a big man , with a strong personality - liked to do all the taking . He used to live into town every day from Riccarton. He was elected to the Canty. A. + P. assoc Comm. Feb. 74. marr. Eleanor Moore : she d. 11.2.09 ag. He d. 10.5.97 ag. 60. family. eldest son Joseph Henr y (1860-1931) b. Ballin derry, Ireland Educ. at Cooks Sch. and X's Coll 75.7 took over Motunau from executors , sold the remains of Motunau to A. W.Byrch - then carrying 700 sheep. started as a shipping clerks. Travelled widely. an authority on Maoi culture . left a widow , no family . Drie 19.1.31 a tAttered Papanui Rd ag 71. ; son Robt Alexander educ X's Coll 75.76 d. at Perth Ang. 1900 ag. 38 LT. 13.8.00 - 75.78 John educ. X's Coll farmer, Ricc. d. Sumner Mar. 28. eldest dau. Lily marr. St. Peters, Ricc. 22.10.81 Ashton Slater Wachsmann. Adeline Geo. Walter Burrowed 13.3.93 LT. 10.3.93 4 Eleanor n 16.1.96 Andrew , only son Andrew Todd, St. Fin tan s, Rangiora LT. 181.96 Wm. Actor - daus bough t North part o , Motu nan about '88 : became known as Tapapa. 's dee Sch. list.; Type of mark: Machine translation/Transcription; Notes: Machine translation by Mark Fryer




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