Macdonald Dictionary Record: Douglas Graham

George Ranald Macdonald
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One record, handwritten in ink on rectangular card, with biographical information for Douglas Graham. Written by George Ranald Macdonald for the Macdonald Dictionary of Canterbury Biography project, 1952-1964.
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Marks/Inscriptions: G.3419 a the son of David Graham of Po candace Graham, Douglas (1818-72) was born at Kirk oswald , Scot. s and came r out in the Minerva in 52 with John Deans and his wife . He was manager of the Deans Estate, Riccarton for 18 years, 18 54-72. He was a grandson of Tam o' Shanker of Burns 's poem . He was one of the comm . that met in Feb. '54 to form a Presby. church in Ch.Ch. In a ploughing match near Ch.Ch. i' 4 his 2horse Beam won a first prize; David Dunn was the ploughman . He was a judge at the ploughing match held by the Canty A. +fP. Assoc. at Joseph Hells farm at Aon head Aug. . He was a member of the first comm. of the Canty .A. + P. Assoc, Aug. 6 . He judged the ploughing match held at Avon head Aug. 69. and again the Champion Ploughing match held at Middleton Sept. 71. At Grigg+ Russells land sale Oct. 7 1 he bought the farm on the Burnside Rd, R.S. 115 and 568 of 141 ac altogether at £ 2 per acre. It was leased to McConnell at £184 per aron and he bought it for himself not for the Deans Est. He was judge of implements at the Ch.Ch. Show of 71. While leading a horse it pulled and tore the tesh of his little finger. He went to his oun house and was given chloroform under the attention of Drs Graham + Powell and died under it. Artificial respiration Letters to Grandchildren , Jane Deans : N.Z. Country Life Jane Deans. Gull re Hay. failed. LT. 12.8.69 : 7.1.71 : 2.9.71 : 20.10.71 : 10.11.71 : 1.12. 3.72 : 13.3.72 : 4.2.54 : 18.9.58 : 2 : 26.8.63:; Type of mark: Machine translation/Transcription; Notes: Machine translation by Mark Fryer
Marks/Inscriptions: G.519 Douglas Graham. There was a very large funeral and the Supterindent (Rolleston 3 was among the followers. Four men from the Riccarton estate carried the coffin and the salle bearers were Hewlings, Cass. Caverhill and Wilkin. He was a staid and religions man. He was very skillful in all farm operations and nearly al the men em ploy ed by him at Riccarton did will for them selves owing to his good training . Nothing could make him deviate from his high standard of conduct. He made the stock of Riccarton state ont stan due He left no family , but a brother William of southbridge. His salary at Ricc. was (200 a year. His brother John came out to manage marr. 27.2.57 Helen Eaglesome at Riccarton. his farm . They were cousins of Mrs John Deans. He d. 9.3.72 ag 54 no family. She d. at Springbank , Fendalton 8.9.91 ag 70 s The year of his birth is given in the marr. Reg. as 1822; in LT. 13.3.72 as 1816; and according to his tombst Tone as 1818.; Type of mark: Machine translation/Transcription; Notes: Machine translation by Mark Fryer




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