Macdonald Dictionary Record: John Seager Gundry

George Ranald Macdonald
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One record, handwritten in ink on rectangular card, with biographical information for John Seager Gundry. Written by George Ranald Macdonald for the Macdonald Dictionary of Canterbury Biography project, 1952-1964.
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Marks/Inscriptions: G. 88 Gundry Dr. John Seager ( ) came out with his wife Isabella as 497 surgeon Supt. on the Steadfast, arriving at Lylt. 6.6.51 . He has left a journal written in the Pepys,ian vein, highly entertaining (Canty Muse) He landed on the g" Jure. Anchor was chopped 1.a.m. He and the Captain ( Capt. Spencer had a glass of brandy and water each. The sea was as calm as a mill pond , bight moon light. Capt. Muter , a pass eiger brought him testimonials from the 2 and 2' cabin passengers and one frim the trier age. They landed at Gollins Bay and had some brandy. "just a tooth ful at "the cottage " and walked on to Lylt. "0mite winded before ie got to he to .He went to Godley s office and introduced himself . After a tack Godley took him to Fitz Gerald s where they dined off fined boiled beef and a ness of Maori cabbage and potatoes (bubble + squeak) . Brittan turned up later when the beef was finished. Fitz Gerald came out to the shils with hrm and was introduced to his wife Bella. The ship was a clean ship; Dr Gundry and Capt. Spence had got on well; the ship had been a happy ship. He and the Capt. and Bowler went across to Quail Is. for lunch. Ward gave them bread and butter and brandy for lunch and a pound of fresh butter as a present. He didn't think mich of Ch.Ch without form or Dr Gundry s Journal; Type of mark: Machine translation/Transcription; Notes: Machine translation by Mark Fryer
Marks/Inscriptions: G. 897 D. J. Gundry. 2. corline a few days later he carried £100 in gold ashore and over the Bridle Track to Kent s. Charles Mount fort was his first patient on shore he bought At a sale of Town Sections in July T.S. 871 + 873 in Cashel S5t. , South side half way between Colombo st and Oxford Ter. , at the upset price of J.C. Aitken had deposited on these (an early purchaser ) but was persuaded to abandon them so that Gundry and C.E. Fooks could have sections to gether ; they had become friends on the ship . Gundry according to his diary had elected a section in Harewood Rd which he called "Ave bury Farm; it does not appear in the List and he imus t have bought from an rinaldi per chaser. The Gundry 's boarded with C. W Bishops at week. He went to Jenkins (the builder) to get an estimate for his house in Cashel St. It was to be 828'712' - price £87. His baggage arrived safely at the Bricks - freight £ 4.2.6 for 23, tons. He got out his boesky f tools and marked out his section and ding the foundations, He and his wife went to church at the tr hut (the original St. Michaels) He and Dor Barker had a discussion about Harry Richards, who latest practised in Canty as a doctor. Dr Barker said he had no qualifications; Type of mark: Machine translation/Transcription; Notes: Machine translation by Mark Fryer
Marks/Inscriptions: G. L97 Thomas Lewis, q.v. built his house for him and was paid £27 for labour. y and his wife attended Sewe church at the new school roo Gundry ar 20.7.51. - the first service there. J6sb Jacobs, Willock and Kingdon all took part in the service. People like Brittan and Tancred made quil a fuss of him - asked him to preside at meetings and propose resolutions His fee on board the ship had been 1of for each cabin passenger and less for 23 cabin and steerage . From this he had received £ g4 plus his free passage . Although his house was so small he offered to tale Isaac Lucha an d. Rawbone as boarders (Thos. Rolleston Rawbone, a steadfast passenger) Gundry proposed at tho a meeting of the soc. of Land Purchasers Colony that Canty. should be a separate Pored. moved as a petition to Se Geo. Grey. on 16.5.51 he mounted his bras plate and tacked up his diplomas inside. His house had to do as a surgery as well as a home + boarding house. Muter and Francais were good friends of the Gundry s and came to tale ea with them. His sales of medicine only amounted to 316 a week but he had booked( in one week for medial consultations. He noted 13.9.51 "hard up for cas h - changed iy last sovereign : His brother Samuel wote with his wife and family had come out in; Type of mark: Machine translation/Transcription; Notes: Machine translation by Mark Fryer
Marks/Inscriptions: G. 397 the Steadfast with him; and there was a brother William in Auck. He had selected his R.S. 197 of 50 ac. on the West sede of the Avon just East of the Town Belt ; his neighbours were Charles Dudley and W.G. Brian. He notes that Sutcliffe brought him a small lech this moring which he caught yesterday in the lagoon S.E. of iy house. (This was the bed of the Av on, normally dry , which crossed the Colombo St. Cashel St. cross roads) Expert opinion is that it was impossible that this should be a lech. He cast up his accounts and found that amounts due for professional services for about 7 weeks added up to £50. De Barker called him in to consult on a difficailt borth . Mrs Moore , 4 miles down the Heath col - his first mid wiley case. His brother William wads igigi him to go to Auck. He and Luck visits d Riccarton Bush and were delighted to be among tres again. He consulted Brittan and other Cashel St. Landow ness with a brew to getting the street formed and the gully bridged . His wife kept prodding him to bury a horse and he determined to do so. He sold his premen pre-emptive right H Hook Rd 2) to or Hodgkinson. In Nov. 51 he still had his Harewood Rd. section and went to have a look at it. He was trying to buy a horse and the cheapest was £30 and he only had £18 . He finally bought a marred rom Beard for £ 28.; Type of mark: Machine translation/Transcription; Notes: Machine translation by Mark Fryer
Marks/Inscriptions: G. 897 Her name was Dodo and she appeared to be a success. He went to Bishops " for the wh isay. He rode Dodo to the ferry and walked on to Sumner. He met Mr Hooker , who gave him a great trata at his house - a glass of draught ale. He called on Feliz Wakefield at Sumner , and Mrs Wakefield introduced him to Mrs Cotterill. In his way back "murch delighted with my walk round beneath the hells and the caven I had just entered appeared an filly grand, and spoke of the mighty ness of the Lord in all His works Hooper turned out to be a Mason ; others were Richard Pollard , Dr Donald , John Shand, Sidebottom and Disher. They asked Simeon to be W.M. of the proposed Mas on ie Lodge. When he refused it fell to Gundry who was nest on the ladder. The first Masri Lodge was built in Manchester St. It was St. Angus ties hodge aur in Aug. 5 3 they were expecting the Warrant of Constitution. He describes the ball at the Golden Fleece - held in Jenkins workshop with a covered wey to the G. F. Tickets were 10'6. Stennard were Brittan, Russell, Williams, Cass, Wakefield , Westenra, Porter . The ball was a success supper good, dust the chief meis ance , Ms Russell the Belle of the Ball. - 25 ladies, 28 gents. Here his Journal ends. When he applied to the Canty Assoc. for a land order he gave his address; Type of mark: Machine translation/Transcription; Notes: Machine translation by Mark Fryer
Marks/Inscriptions: G. '97 as Sydney St. , Brougton . He and W.G. Brittan were the first trustees of Avonside Church. He was one of the comm. formed to give a public breakfast to bed farewell to the Godley.s. He was a candidate for election at the Parliamentary election in 55. I '58 he and Dr MecCheye of Lylt. conducted a postmortem on a suicide case . They tried the contents of the stomach on thee separate dogs and rabbit and they all died immediately The evidence was concurs vc. His house and furniture were for sale in Sept. 58. He returned to Eng in the Dart which sailed Oct. 58 . His land in Cashel St. was advertised for sal Jan. 62. The house had become a boarding house known as Sul yard House. Lockhart lived in lt for a time. Then it became Tweed House , Atkin sons Family Hotel Atkinson was Clarksons partner in Dun stable House . After the Atkin ons . the Rosters carried it on and when Mrs Rossiter died , her bu band and daughter continued in it. Creyke then bought the section 1110f62 for X1600. Gundry wife Isabella had a dau. at Tor House Wells, Somerset 30.5.59. Her marden name was Isabella Baynes an d they were married 17.7.49. She d. 13.3.06 ag. 89 according to the death notice D. Gundry had become the Rev. Gundry. LT. 11.12.52 : 19.4.06 : L.+S. Office, Deeds.; Type of mark: Machine translation/Transcription; Notes: Machine translation by Mark Fryer




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