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George Ranald Macdonald
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One record, handwritten in ink on rectangular card, with biographical information for Edward George Griffith. Written by George Ranald Macdonald for the Macdonald Dictionary of Canterbury Biography project, 1952-1964.
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Marks/Inscriptions: G. 846 Gef ith, Edward George (1830 -89. ) went to sea as a y man and a young i visited the East and many ports . He took a cargo of potatoes from Wanganui to Melbourne ; the voyage took 55 days. Acland says he was overseer at Clayton ill for Chas. Harper and G.A.E. Ross In '62 he was sued for damages of £1000 because he had tempted away the wife of Thomas Peryman . a builder. There were is arguments about the facts. Mrs Peryman did not seem to be a great loss to hee husband and the jury assessed the damages at p He marr Katherine who had been an eye witness of the Emeka Stockade She came to N.Z. in '68 and landed at Timaru in a surf boat. They made their home at Temuka and ten years later moved to Avonside, After he left station management he wart in for stack roving to the West Coast and also tried his lick on the gold fields . once when roving he ran out of provisions and was luckily found in such a week condition hat he could no longer move. In '69 he opened the Imperial + Pictorial grain stores at Ch.Ch Railway Stalin; he sold out to Royse and Stead the foreig year. He was erected to the Comm. of the new Ch.Ch . Cricket Club Sept. 70 . He was also chess layer Acland; C.J.C. Jubilee 1904 : LT. 10.9.62 : 11.9.69 : 5.5.70 : 22.9.70 :; Type of mark: Machine translation/Transcription; Notes: Machine translation by Mark Fryer
Marks/Inscriptions: G. 84 6 G. Griffith and was a member of the Comm. of the Ch.Ch. Chess Club Ap. 71. He was one of those who took part in the "paper hunt" Spr. 71 ( a hunt without hounds ) and who later inat and decided to form pack of harrier s. Oct 71 In '72 he appeared as an owner of race- horses and raced Gossip and Defamation , both by Traducer, in that year. In Jun., 72 he was appointed non. 5ec . of the C.J.C . In 7 s he had become the owner of the stallion Traders one of the great stallions in the history of racing in N.Z , but a difficult horse to handle. Nosworthy had been the owner and he and Griffith had a newspaper argument about the right to use Traducer s name in racehorse Adver Wiseman6s. He retired from the position of Sec. to the C.J.C. in '74 being the last unpaid 5ec and was succeeded by Gilby; he was thanked for his services He had bought a beautiful farm at Spreydon and in '74 had three stallions Standing there Traducer , Albany + Benn Boy. Traducer fie was 20 gus. Traducer was present at the stallion parade of '74 and also form of his sons of account of various owners . He imported five English mares in Feb 75, four of which became famous . Maria Theresa, , Auri . The f broke a g and I alia, uri era and Hammock. re fifth Ness a a leg destr ( to LT. 15.9.71 : 11.9.71 : 7.10.71 : 28.3.72 : P. 2.1.73 : L.T. 5.6.74 : 26.9.74 : 23.2.75 : 7.6. 78.; Type of mark: Machine translation/Transcription; Notes: Machine translation by Mark Fryer
Marks/Inscriptions: G. 846 The forn all faded lines farm oas in N.Z. thoroughbred breeding. Griffith arranged for the whole of his valuable stod to be offered for sale immediately y after the C.J.C. meeting of Nov. 76. All arrangemen s were made, a marquee was set up and a champagne hunch was provided, Unfortunately the rain ponied down and it was impossible to hold the sale. Those present devoted themselves heartily to the hundr and the champagne. Griffiths announced that the sale could be postponed till after the Easter Race meeting. When the sale came off Ap. 77 the weather was favourable and the sale was a fair success. The middle Pork stud bought Traducer for 800 gus, Nosworthy bought Albany for 500 gus and F. Delamain pard 150 gus for Blue Boy. His 4 ip outed mares brought 100 altogether going to the Middle Park stod and Auriemma to Nosworthy . Amir a later passed into the hands of ir Geo. Clifford and became the grand arn of Autres. The total realisation was £495 . He sold his pictures a few days later for £700 . His fine farm was bought by Saner Garforth. Having Cost his money in racing , for the rest of his life he made a precarious living out of the knowledge he had gained of racing and the breeding of thorough beds. He was went in to part. with E.W. Millet LT. 23.12.80 : 21.4.77 : 1.5.77 . P. 14.6.38 1954 : LT. 8.3.01 :; Type of mark: Machine translation/Transcription; Notes: Machine translation by Mark Fryer
Marks/Inscriptions: E. G. Griffiths Geo. Duke Lad charge 34. of stRid G. 846 and they took over Pages Every stables but he withdrew after about a year. nl 80 . He was appointed handicapper to the Wellington Racing Club, Nov 80 4. P. Lance having just resigned . He succeeded to all Lances other handicapp ing pos tons , which could hardly afford him a living. He was for a short time handicapper to the C.J.C but presumably the Club was not satisfied with him for a short time afterwards they appointed a handicapping comm, G r yt ils was appointed a life member of the Club may 82. He was appointed Sec. to the Tatters alls Club for which he was paid £25 pe mu. This clubs functions were to see that betting transactions with book malon were carried in in orderly way , that loses were paid el. He opened a Central Blood stock Aging in Sept. 84 but this was not a success. His last job was racing cones pand ent of the Lylt. Times and under the pendonyn of Senes carried on a very good racing Column. After the sale of his stud he travelled in India , probably buying and selling horses. He was an original shareholder and member of the Canty Club June 72. He once gave a 20 qu. silver cup for a 5 mile running race , According to L.T. +304 6.3.61 he was overseer for Lock hart - Hogg in that) ear- probably the station was Hakat raine. LT. 1.4.80 : 14.7.80 : 22.11.80 : 4.4.82 : 11.4.87 : 9.5.82 : 29 .5.82 : 8.9.84 : 26.12.59 :; Type of mark: Machine translation/Transcription; Notes: Machine translation by Mark Fryer
Marks/Inscriptions: G. 846 E.G.Gitlin his wife Katherine d. 7. 3.01 ag 63 Avonside Co .He d. Avonside 23.12.89 59 family. dau. Marion b. Dunedin '64 marr. '90 Edward yates Simpson Kate marr. 16.6.94 Arthur Henry Bristled sons Edward educ. X's Coll 76- became a mining engineer at Timor d. Melbourne 1.5.29. Frank educ. X's Coll 79. 82 . Sheep farmer : served in 1914 War. d. 1940. X's Coll Sch. hist.;: Avonside Cem M.I.; Type of mark: Machine translation/Transcription; Notes: Machine translation by Mark Fryer




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