Photograph: Mr and Mrs Stephen Hunt and their family of 27

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Circa Oct 1906
"Mr and Mrs Stephen Hunt and their family of 27, All born in Banks Peninsula, Canterbury New Zealand, all living at present date Oct 1906.
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Dimensions (h x w): 539 x 450mm
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The majority of these photographs were from the Studio of T.E.Taylor Akaroa. Some of the earlier photographs were from the families own pre 1905 collection of family photos as at the time the montage was created a lot of the family were living in the North Island

- Craig Giddens

Posted on 04-05-2020 08:22:48

Mr Stephen Hunt (1832-1906) of French Farm, arrived in NZ on the 'Mystery' in 1859. Eldest child of Stephen Hunt, a daughter, passed away during the journey. Mrs Victoire Clemence Libeau (1858-1932) (pictured here with Mr Hunt), daughter of Mr Joseph Lucien Libeau of Duvauchelle, was Mr Hunt's second wife. His first wife Harriet Martin having passed in 1875. Stephen and Victoire were married in 1875 in Duvauchelle. First 12 children pictured were born to Harriet, remaining 15 born to Victoire. Bottom line R-L: John Haines Hunt (1859-1944) William Henry Hunt (1861-1917) Stephen Hunt (1862-1931) Annie Hunt (1864-1918) Second bottom line R-L: Josiah Hunt (1866-1915) Charles Haines Hunt (1867-1913) Helena Hunt (1869-1937) Susan Hunt (1871-1938) (Triplet) Harriet Hunt (1871-1930) (Triplet) Third line R-L: Mary Hunt (1871-1923) (Triplet) Joseph Hunt (1873-1926) Fourth Line R-L: Phoebe Hunt (1875-1969) Arthur Hunt (1876-1934) Rosa Hunt (1877-1963) Hubert Hunt (1879-1932) Fifth line R-L: Fred Hunt (1880-1951) David Hunt (1882-1852) Sixth line R-L: Amelia Marie Hunt (1883-1964) Lucien John Hunt (1885-1953) Albert Hunt (1886-1963) Seventh line R-L: Robert Hunt (1888-1952) Eli Francis Hunt (1890-1909) (Drowned) Oscar Erwin Hunt (1892-1911) (Cause of Death Appendicitis) Oliver Allan Hunt (1894-1974) Top line R-L: Wilfred Leonard Hunt (1896-1968) Leslie Libeau Hunt (1898-1917) (Killed in Action) Edward Paskin Hunt (1900-1961)

- Gail Cook

Posted on 08-04-2020 11:15:27

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