Stove: Camping

B A Hjorth & Co
Small Primus camping stove with container and tools. The stove comes with a round container with a lid. There are two small handles riveted on the sides of the container and one handle is attached to the lid.
"Trademark. PRI-MUS A/B B.A HJORTH 7 Co. Stockholm. Made in Sweden" is engraved on the front of the container.

The stove is a small round fuel tank attached to a burner which is enclosed in a metal sleeve. The burner has a bulb like fitting on the top. There is a loose piece which fits inside the bulb and a cover which fits over it. The sleeve has an open panel at the front and a series of holes encircling the bottom. The stove has the same text engraved on it as the container.
There is a small spanner designed to undo the burner from the fuel tank. The spanner has a short length of chain attached to it. "Primus" is engraved on one side and "Sweden" is engraved on the other.
A metal tounge shaped tool with a small portion at one end bent at a 90 degree angle is also included.
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Object Detail

Collecting unit
Production role
Height: 130mm (5 1/8")
Diameter: 130mm (5 1/8")
Height: 130mm (5 1/8")
Diameter: 125mm (4 15/16")
Length: 8cm (3 1/8")
Length: 11.5cm (4 1/2")
Associated person
Associated place
Other id
Accession number
Marks and Inscriptions
Marks/Inscriptions: Trademark. PRI-MUS A/B B.A HJORTH 7 Co. Stockholm. Made in Sweden; Type of mark: Label
Marks/Inscriptions: PRIMUS; Type of mark: Label


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