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One rectangular box containing three antique Chinese coins. Box covered in pale pink fabric embroidered with a pattern of circles and diamonds containing floral motifs in red green and yellow stitching. Inside lid of box presents placard providing details of coins [transliteration required] Box interior presents coins resting obverse side up on a bed of red felt bounded by a yellow felt border. A loop of red string links rightmost coin to an official authenticating seal located in the upper right corner. Coin details are as follows: (left) one circular coin. Square central hole. Obverse presents two Chinese characters 五銖 (wu zhu). From the 1st Century BCE to the 6th Century AD. (middle) one circular coin. Approximately square central hole. Obverse presents four Chinese characters 元祐通寶 (yuanyou tongbao). From the Yuanyou era (1086-1094 AD) of the reign of Emperor Zhezong (1085-1100 AD). (right) one circular coin. Square central hole. Obverse presents four Chinese characters 開元通寶 (kaiyuan tongbao). Kai Yuan early type (621-718 AD).
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China/Eastern Asia/Asia
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