Painting: boy and water buffalo

One mounted painting of a buffalo tethered to a peg and a boy lying in a tree. Inscriptions as follows:

1. Top right: 霜葉紅於二月花 (frosted leaves are as red as the February flowers)

2. Middle and left: 艾黎先生方家雅教 可染敬贈 (Mr. Alley, the master, please kindly point out my inadequacies. Respectfully presented by Keran.)

3. Bottom right: 可染畫 (painted by Keran)

Seals as follows:

Top right: 李 (Li)

Bottom left: 李 (Li)

Bottom right: 可染 (Keran)
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This work, by the famous 20th century painter Li Keran, was a gift to Rewi Alley.

The collophon on the right 霜葉紅於二月花 (frosted leaves are as red as the February flowers), divided between the second and the third characters by twigs and red leaves, is from a popular Tang Dynasty quatrain by Du Mu, 'Shan Xing' (Mountain Trip):

'Climbing to the cold distance of this winding stony path,

leading to a place of white clouds where people live,

I stop my carriage and sit in appreciation and love of the evening maple trees,

where frosted leaves are as red as the February flowers.'
Length: 56.3cm (22 3/16")
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